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SekaiDonna are citizens of the world working towards a better world. We are a diverse and inclusive international group coming together in the amazing city of Tokyo under the olympic spirit to unite our nations through creativity and art and promote culture, education and humanity.  Join us to represent your country as a SekaiDonna Ambassador, friend or partner!  Share your passion and get involved in our activities and programs that bring our countries closer together and empower communities across borders artfully and heartfully!!. 


Our vision is to create a sharing economy  of peace through peer to peer support using artistic and cultural projects that unite. Our goal is to have every nationality represented within our SekaiDonna group and work collectively with all our members and partners to bring the world closer together.

We are citizens of the world working towards a better world. A “mini United Nations” like network based in Tokyo generating, supporting, and/or facilitating worthy projects that impact society in Japan and abroad. 


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Do you want a better world?

Be brave enough to care! 




Our philosophy is to "grow united and be sustainable"! There has never been a better time to connect the world and therefore unite. So how can we make better use of the areas that unite us? By using our collective imagination, joining our unique talents, co-creating and celebrating our human potential. We can start combining and utilising the many areas we all share in common and have a love for. The Olympics bring nations together to celebrate human potential and achievement – we need more of that in all areas.

With Tokyo 2020 Olympics coming up now is the right time to act!!



ABOUT SekaiDonna

What's in the name?What's behind the name SekaiDona:

"Sekai" means "World"  in Japanese. "Donna" means "Woman" in Latin. "Don" is a title given to men in Latin. Therefore SekaiDonna represents women and men of the world coming together for a better world! 


SekaiDonna is a new change initiative launched in Japan and supported by an international network to create social value. The value we create is to engage people from around the world to run programs and projects in Japan and abroad that bring together artists & game changers who break barriers and solve social, cultural and environmental issues. SekaiDonna acts as the backbone by engaging people to work together and provide the tools, resources and funding where possible. 


Individually we can each make a difference. Collectively we can change the world!   




Our concept is based on uniting our nations through art and culture bringing positive change from Japan to the world. Our international hub brings artists, performers, social entrepreneurs, game changers, passionate individuals and peace advocates together to generate and support projects that are creative and impactful.


Our ultimate goal is to make a positive difference around the world and engage local communities in different countries to do the same.

Bring us your creativity and passion and let's grow stronger together.

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We welcome you to shine in your own unique way!



Our world is facing many social upheavals and nations, communities and people are being divided.  Large organizations dealing with these issues face a lot of bureaucracy so it's often hard for them to address issues quickly and effectively.  At the same time industries have taken control of our own lives for the sake of their own profit. For this reason we invite you to join us and help us build a strong network and the resources to help communities directly.  The time to do this has never been better as the Tokyo Olympic Games are approaching and Tokyo will be the focus of many important initiatives in line with the Olympic Spirit of unity, diversity, inclusion and peace: “Build a peaceful and better world in the Olympic Spirit with mutual understanding and a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play”

Together at the Top

"Everything now, we must assume is in our own hands. We have no right to assume otherwise" James Baldwin



We are here to break barriers among nations and communities. While bringing countries and people together in peace through our events, programs and activities towards Tokyo 2020 and beyond we will be creating a pipeline of projects with particular focus in the areas of: 

Sustainability, Diversity, Equality, Wellbeing & Education.

We wish to empower those leading projects in Japan and abroad using our methodology, resources and knowledge base of our network. We also aim to inspire and engage local and global communities into positive action. Our ultimate aim for SekaiDonna is to grow united with our partners and friends and become  a great resource for social entrepreneurs, collective impact projects, CSR initiatives, social innovation programs, non-profits, educators, businesses, active learners, creative thinkers and the global community.

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Coming together in peace to bridge our differences, learn from one another and co-create artfully & heartfully!



Our Salon is a wonderful way to keep our community happy and engaged. Through our Salon, SekaiDonnas will be meeting regularly under lovely surroundings for social purposes. A great way to get to know each other, meeting our new members, creating friendships as well as raising some funds while having fun!



We will be holding different types of events all focusing on the unity of nations, peace, diversity and the empowerment of those who need our help. There will be panel discussions, cultural galas, competitions and our very own peace award ceremonies and Ambassadorships. 



Introducing special projects that members are working on and wishing to provide awareness and/or gain support. Every SekaiDonna member will be given the chance to be awarded a “SekaiDonna Ambassadorship” by engaging in a project to support in the own country or elsewhere. 





Cultural seminars & mini exhibitions:

We will be introducing our countries’ cultures through music and art as well as products representative of our countries.

Global awareness & inspiring talks:

We will be inviting prominent speakers to talk about subjects and new initiatives in areas we focus on, i.e. Sustainability, Diversity, Equality, Wellbeing & Education.  



Trips & Excursions will be organizing trips in Japan and abroad to the nations represented in our group introducing our cultures and celebrating the diversity of our nations. 





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