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Chrissi Theodorakakos

Hi I'm Chrissi, the creator of this network! I started my career in the corporate world but I’ve always been passionate about making a difference. This led me to brand new path and over the last 10 years many of my activities focused on bringing people together to create ..

Barbara Allen

I'm an event coordinator and a retired actress and singer living in Tokyo for over 30 years. For 6 years I also served as the President of Tokyo Women's Club. I have a passion about bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together through beautiful events related to music, art ..

Event Support

Passionate & talented people are at the core of what we do. We welcome individuals from every country, culture & background to be a part of our SekaiDonna family & help us bring the world together artfully & heartfully!  Today you can be your country's own ambassador & represent it through our events, programs & activities. Sign up & let the good times roll!

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