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INSAKA project in Zambia

A collaborative eco cultural & agro tourism project located in Kafue National Park Game Management Area.

This is our very first project in Zambia  done in collaboration with our partner Johnny Toppon, social entrepreneur chief of Bundu Co Zambia. We have given this project the name INSAKA a Bemba word which describes a cultural center point within an African village. Community elders and leaders often gather under the INSAKA to discuss community and business matters.

Why create the INSAKA Centre & Organic Farm?

We identified a need for an innovative facility and strategy that will encourage the coming together of all of the stakeholders in KNP so that they can collaborate to make KNP a much more attractive sustainable destination for foreign and domestic visitors while improving the lives of the local community who live and work there.

There are currently no tourist, art, crafts or cultural centres along the 200km road between KNP and Lusaka other than safari lodges. There are also none in the opposite direction going 400kms west until you reach Mongu. This corridor is the main access route to KNP and Liuwa Plains National Park (which sees Africa’s second largest wildebeest gathering) which is being hailed as one of the best Safari destinations in Africa. It is also the main way to reach Zambia’s famous Kuomboka Ceremony and the town of Mongu.


The Need for Eco Cultural Projects in Zambia

There is a need for a project in Kafue National Park where both ecological and cultural aspects of the landscape are combined together creating an ideal tourist destination.

An Eco Cultural project is defined as “ Travel to destinations where both cultural and natural endowments are the prime attractions and thereby considered to be a potential strategy to support conservation of natural habitats along with economic sustainability particularly to indigenous communities... This is a new form of tourist activity where both the ecological and cultural aspects of a landscape are combined to create a site for tourists.”


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