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Chrissi Theodorakakos


Country: Greece

I started my career in the corporate world but I’ve always been passionate about making a difference. This led me to a brand new path and over the last 10 years many of my activities focused on bringing people together to create positive change. After having supported several causes through my own charity network Dancing4Kids (D4K) I expanded my experience and continued to learn more about society and how to gather support and engage resources to make positive impact in our world collectively. The creation of SekaiDonna is now a reflection of that. The name itself, my brainchild, resonates through boundaries and creates a concept that is global, creative and loving from Japan to the world and vice versa. 


Our network is expanding, bringing us together in the city of Tokyo and connecting us with the rest of the world in unity and peace to celebrate diversity and empower those reaching out to us with talent and potential! The SekaiDonna world is made for everyone who shares our values and is willing to help us bring positive impact. Let’s come together and bridge the differences that separate us, support and inspire one another. Be grateful, inspiring, resourceful, strong and kind .. be a SekaiDonna!

"Dancing e-motions" reflects the work of Dancing4Kids since 2008, which from now on will be operating through the SekaiDonna platform.

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