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Barbara Allen

Former Trustee

Country: Germany, Italy

I'm an event coordinator and a retired actress and singer living in Tokyo for over 30 years. For 10 years I also served as the President of Tokyo International Women's Club. I have a passion about bringing people from different cultures and backgrounds together through beautiful events related to music, art & culture and over the years I have met some truly wonderful and inspiring individuals.


A few years ago I invited a few of my very special lady friends to meet someone very dear to me,  Marlis, the wife of the Ambassador of Angola in Tokyo. Our group was so interesting, diverse and discussions so inspiring that I named it the 7 Samurai and organised several meetings at the residency of Angola Embassy . When Marlis left Japan I really wanted to continue and make this a part of something bigger. This is when we came up with SekaiDonna as a name and concept that adds value to the society and the world. SekaiDonna Salon now sits at the forefront of what we do! It continues the legacy of the 7 Samurai and opens the door to people from around the world bringing them together in peace and in line with the Olympic Spirit of peace, unity, diversity and mutual respect!  

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